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Two Sure Ways You Can Be Rich


People are always asking how they can become rich.  It’s really quite simple.  There are two sure ways you can be rich and both are achievable by anyone.  In Tony Robbins book, Money: Master the Game, he quoted Jim Mott who provides us these two ways of being rich:

“You can be rich by having more than you need, or by needing less than you have.”

We Have More Than We Need

Look around your house and look at all the stuff you don’t need.  If you had one hour to get everything out of your house that you needed to live, you would quickly find out what is important to you.  Too many times we buy more than we need though we think we need it.  We only really need a few things to survive.  Sure, there are things that make life more comfortable, and even easier, but that doesn’t mean we need them.  If we can truly identify what we need and be grateful that we have those things, we can be rich.  There is also another way to make our lives easier…


Look at your life and try to identify the things you are adding to your life that don’t really give you any true happiness.  Identify them, stop buying them, and GET RID OF THEM!!!  This is minimalism at its best.  Try to only keep the things in your life that bring you joy.  This will help you cut down on the unnecessary.  Sometimes we have things because we are subconsciously “keeping up with the Joneses” but when we truly look at them, we don’t need them.  Take some time to take inventory of your life and what brings you happiness and what does not.  If it doesn’t bring you happiness, get rid of it.

“Not fair, you tricked me.  This isn’t a post about money!!!”

You may be thinking the 5and2Guy tricked you and you can’t get rich this way.  As you know, being rich can mean many things.  It can be the dollars in your pocket, the joy and happiness you experience, or simply a mindset.  But this can be about money too!!!  How???

By cutting out the things we don’t really need, we will be saving money.  By changing our mindset, we will waste less money and put more money into ways of making us richer.  If you change your mindset, what you invest in will change.  Instead of investing in buying digital movies, you can just rent them and invest the difference into something that will make money, or into something that makes you feel richer.  You can change what you are actually investing your money in so you can become “rich.”

Final Thoughts:

I know this post is more of an indirect way of becoming rich, but I hope it opens your eyes.  I hope you can see the need to change your mindset.  You can be rich in many ways and the things we discussed here can make you rich.  You just have to accept these concepts and apply them to your life. 

Jim Mott’s advice can definitely make you rich, if you execute on it properly.  Use it to minimize what you have in your life.  Use it to influence yourself to stop purchasing things you don’t need.  Use it to influence you to invest your money in the right things.  These are definitely two sure ways of becoming rich, but are you up to the challenge???

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