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100 Things Successful People Do: Eat & Drink Well


In the book, 100 Things Successful People Do, by Nigel Cumberland, he talks about many things that people can do in order to be successful in various aspects of their lives.  When it comes to fitness and health, he noted one of the things we can do to be successful is to Eat & Drink Well.  I know…when I first read that recommendation, I thought, “I know some big ole boys from back home that you could say ‘eat and drink well.’”  But that is not what he is talking about.  He is talking about eating and drinking in a way that promotes success and healthy living.

Here are a few of his recommendations to Eat & Drink Well

Consume Everything In Moderation

This is an easy one.  Just don’t over do it.  Whether you eat healthy food or bad food, the first thing is to not over eat.  Eat enough to satisfy your hunger and fuel your body.  Don’t succumb to the enjoyment and flavor of the food to the point where you just want to keep eating and drinking.  We have to try to balance things in our life, and consuming in moderation is a big part of that.  Eat enough to satisfy your hunger and don’t overdue it!!!

Avoid Unhealthy Food & Drinks

Mr. Cumberland suggests that you do your best to try and avoid food and drinks that are unhealthy for you, or at least try to restrict yourself as much as possible.  We all know those bad foods, right?  Fried foods, sugary snacks and drinks, etc…. You know the ones.  He is suggesting that you shouldn’t keep many of these bad things in your house and when you are out, it is okay to partake in a little, but restrict yourself.  Don’t make it a habit.  You could take the 5and2Guy Way and restrict yourself 5 days of the week and be a little more loose the other 2.  Over time, the 5and2Guy Way works!!!

Avoid Fatty & Sugary Products At Home

It is easy to pick at the candy on the kitchen counter.  And who can eat just one Pringle?  Everyone loves french fries.  That is, everyone but your stomach.  Mr. Cumberland is suggesting you avoid these and other fatty and sugary foods at all cost.  They are tempting, addictive, and will wreak havoc on your health if consistently consumed over time.  One way to combat this is to not even have these foods in the house.  That is the approach I take when I can.  This way, it is easy to stick to the 5and2Guy Way all through the week.  On the weekends, be a little more loose, but do your best to avoid these foods when you can.  I don’t typically drink sodas, but occasionally, on the weekends, I will have one.  Do your best to avoid these types of foods and drinks at all cost.

Develop Healthy Eating & Drinking Habits

Make it a habit to drink liquids that promote good health, or at least don’t hurt it.  Drinking lots of water is great for you.  I will even put a little bit of sweet tea in my cup a few times a day to break up the monotonous drinking of water 24/7.  That is just one example, but you can develop healthy eating and drinking habits by following Mr. Cumberland’s suggestions:

  • Drink water first thing in the morning.
  • Always have something for breakfast.
  • Eat fresh fruit or mixed nuts when you feel like a snack in between meals.
  • Don’t put sugar in hot drinks.
  • Say “no” to second helpings.
  • Stop eating in the early evening, giving your food time to digest before you go to bed.
  • Reduce unhealthy habits — perhaps introduce your favorite cheats only on weekends.
  • Cut out or reduce meats and dairy products — try to become a partial vegetarian or vegan.

I like how he said “perhaps introduce your favorite cheats only on weekends.”  Mr. Cumberland may have a little 5and2Guy Way in him!!!

Final Thoughts

Eating and drinking well is a habit that must be formed if you want to live a longer, healthier life.  If you really enjoy fatty and sugary foods, then this transformation can be tough.  It will take discipline to get you going until the good habits kick in. 

You can take the 5and2Guy Way and limit the unhealthier foods to the weekends and eat the healthy foods during the week.  Perhaps if that is too tough at first, eat only healthy on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday and use Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday as cheat days.  Your diet and what you consume is meant to be tweaked over time and improved upon.

The first step can be taking some of Mr. Cumberland’s suggestions from his book and integrating them in your life.  Get started today with some small changes, and over time work up to the big ones, one at a time.  Good luck!!!

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