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Mission Impossible…Or Is It???


Here is your mission, if you choose to accept it.  Your mission is to never hurt another person, no matter how much they deserve it.  Hmph…you were probably not expecting that.  You may be thinking, “No big deal.  I don’t hurt people.”  Or you may be thinking, “The 5and2Guy has lost his mind.”  Let’s look at the two schools of thought.

“No big deal.  I don’t hurt people.”

This is the ideal state but only few ever achieve it.  We have a tendency to hurt people all the time.  Surely you understand that hurting someone could be any of the following things:

  • Saying something rude to or about them;
  • Giving a look of disgust;
  • Ignoring them altogether;
  • Physically causing them pain.

We all have done things like this before and we will probably do them again.  But we have to strive to be more.  

“The 5and2Guy has lost his mind.”

Well, I can’t blame you for thinking this way.  I kinda think I have lost my mind too.  This seems like a near impossible task.  Perhaps it is not your intent to hurt someone, but it happens anyway.  Perhaps you are trying to hurt someone.  Think about all the times someone has said something rude to you.  You probably said something rude back in an attempt to hurt them.  And why not?  They tried to hurt you.  Fair point, but we have to strive for more.

We can hurt people without even knowing it.  Have you ever invited a friend out for dinner but not your other friend because you wanted some one on one time with this one person?  You probably have and your other friend was probably hurt for being left out.  It’s not your fault, but it happens.

What If They Deserve It?

Oh, there are a lot of people out there that will do and say bad things.  And perhaps they even deserve some of the bad stuff to come back on them, but must you be the executioner?  Does it make you better than them to attack back in an attempt to hurt?  Are you not doing the same thing they were doing?  Oh, I get it…”they started it.”  We have to strive to be better than this!!!

Is It Even Possible To Never Hurt Another Person?  

I believe people will get hurt if you are doing the wrong thing or the right thing.  Many times it is their own insecurities that causes them pain, not anything you did.  So, do I really expect you to never hurt anyone again?  No…that is not what I am asking.  I am asking you to do your best to try not to hurt anyone, no matter how much they deserve it.  This will be tough.  Your ego will feel threatened and every part of your body will want to lash back, but you have to resist.  Try to do your best.  Be mindful of what you say, what you do, and how you feel when someone does something that hurts you.  I’m asking you do think before you act.  Be sensitive.  I know it is cliché, but be the bigger person.

Final Thoughts

I know this is a tough ask.  To not hurt someone whose soul intent is to hurt you, but try your best.  Now, I am not saying don’t defend yourself.  If someone physically attacks you and you can’t get away, you must fight back.  If someone is verbally attacking you, you can sternly say you don’t appreciate it and go about your day.  If someone has hurt you through passive means, you can discuss it with them rather than planning your revenge.  Do your best to step up and be that bigger person.  We don’t get ahead in life by stepping on others, even if they try to step on us first.  Think before you react, maintain a sense of calm and respect, and understand that anyone who tries to hurt you has a whole world of problems that don’t need your insult or aggressiveness adding to it.

If you turn a cheek to someone who tries to hurt you, it may appear weak.  Most people will think it is.  But let me ask you…is it harder to turn that cheek and walk away or is it harder to yell or be mean back?  I think it is a lot harder for the ego to let something go that it is to step up and fight back.  So, no…turning the cheek and walking away is not weak.  It’s a sign of strength that most people don’t have nor understand.  The 5and2Guy way is the way of strength.  I ask you, “Are you 5and2Guy strong?”

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