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“I only eat healthy foods and in moderation.”


This is a mantra I say to myself each day.  I try to convince and remind myself that I need to eat healthy foods above all others.  Sure those Pringles look good and who couldn’t go for a Butterfinger bar?  But when these thoughts creep into my mind, or I am staring at a half-gallon of ice cream, I need reminding.  If you could use some reminding too, consider taking on this mantra.  How does it help you ask?

How Can It Help?

By taking on this mantra, you will find that as soon as you look at food, this will come to mind.  It will remind you that you need to make a better choice.  I know that when I am looking for something to eat, this immediately pops into my head.  I then use the 5and2Guy way and consider the day of the week it is.  If it is Monday – Friday, I immediately look for the healthier choice.  If is it Saturday or Sunday, I will eat whatever I am in the mood for.  Now, I have begun eating healthier on the weekends as well too, but I still consider these cheat days.  With these cheat days in mind, I choose what I feel like eating.  

This mantra is so ingrained in my head that it immediately pops up.  Even when I am out to eat with a friend.  For example, if I am out to a restaurant with friends, I consider what day of the week it is and if this time out with my friend is an exception.  Most of the time it is an exception and I eat what I want.  But I still tend to go the healthier route.  You know, sweet potato fries rather than regular fries.  That kind of approach.  To get this mantra ingrained in your head, it’s easy to start.

How Do I Start?

All you have to do is repeat this line to yourself the 5and2Guy way.  Make it part of your morning routine.  First thing in the morning, repeat this mantra multiple times.  Perhaps you could repeat it to yourself while you are brushing your teeth in the morning.  You could even make it the thing you say to yourself when you use the bathroom as soon as you wake up.  The point is that you want to try to make it part of your daily routine.  And at first, repeat it multiple times.  This will drill it into your head quicker.  After you do this for a couple weeks, this mantra will be at the forefront of your mind and helping you make better decisions when it comes to food.  But once this happens, DON’T stop reminding yourself!!!

Keep Reminding Yourself

The problem that happens to so many people, myself included, is that once we think we have this new habit established, we stop remembering to to it.  You may have drilled this mantra into your head for two weeks, but if you stop saying this mantra, it is only a matter of time before you forget it and are back to eating the unhealthy foods.  In order to combat this, you still have to remind yourself daily, but you only have to say it to yourself once a day.  Once you have drilled it into your head, simply saying this once a day will keep it fresh in your head and help you make those better choices.

What If Temptation Is Winning?

Trust me…even though you say this mantra every day, there will be some times where temptation will want you to go against it.  You will remember that you only eat healthy foods and in moderation, but you will want to fight it and eat something you know isn’t good for you.  In order to help combat this, I recommend you have plenty of sweet and savory healthy foods on hand.  For example, if I am craving something sweet.  Instead of the cookie, I will eat a banana or pear.  I could even choose a healthier protein bar.  If I need something salty, I will eat some mixed nuts or eat some of those bagged veggie straws.  And if I am still craving something not good for me, I will eat more of what IS good for me.  It is better to eat more of something that is good for you than it is to eat less of something that is bad for you.  This is how I work around it.  Give it a try.

“This Is Kinda Weird.”

You may be thinking that saying a mantra to yourself is kinda weird.  I thought so at first too, but then I tried it.  All you are doing is reminding yourself on a daily basis what is important in your life and that you want to be healthier.  You don’t have to advertise that you use this mantra nor do you need to say it out loud.  Just commit to saying it and watch your diet change for the better.  With that, your health and physique will improve.  Eventually someone will ask you your secret and you will say, “I know it is weird, but I repeat this simple mantra everyday.”

Final Thoughts

This mantra has helped me keep my diet strong.  I am reminded daily to make healthy choices by using this mantra.  Once you have done this for six months or a year, you will find that you have established a style of eating that is just naturally healthy and it will be a lot easier to stick to this mantra.  You will have established a diet of healthy foods that you look forward to eating.  I am looking forward to the banana, scrambled eggs, and side of tomatoes for lunch I already have planned for today.  All healthy and I can’t wait to eat!!!  

Give this mantra a try!!! 

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