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The Barely Awake Set


What is the Barely Awake Set?  This is the one set of any exercise you choose to do first thing in the morning when you get out of bed.  This is one set of any exercise you choose to knock out even though you are barely awake.  You may be thinking, “Why in the hell would I exercise as soon as I  wake up in the morning?”  Let me tell you why…

Sets The Tone For The Day

This is the set that gets your day going.  It sets the tone for the day.  Many psychologists say that you should make your bed first thing in the morning.  They say it will give you a sense of accomplishment and start your day with at least one thing you have completed as soon as you woke up.  Well, the Barely Awake Set is like that.  It will give you the confidence to have a productive day.  If you can get out of bed in the morning and knock out this one little set, it will create a “Can Do” mindset that you can take with you throughout the day.

It Helps Wake You Up

You best believe that a blood pumping set of an exercise will get things going in the morning.  It can get your heart rate up, get you breathing heavy, and bring some of that good kind of pain to your morning.  The kind of pain that makes you feel alive…that makes you wake up.  I am not a morning person, but I get up at 5:10 am five or six times a week.  How do I do that?  With the Barely Awake Set.

The Compound Effect

I know you have heard of the power of compounding.  Compound interest comes to mind I am sure.  The power of compounding is about the cumulative effect of doing something over and over again consistently to achieve something big.  The task does not have to be grand, but it has to be consistent to engage the power of compounding.

If you were asked to cut down that big oak tree in the front yard with an axe today, you would look at me like I was crazy.  You probably would not be able to do it.  But what if I asked you to take one whack a day at that oak tree for the rest of your life, or until it falls.  Well that is doable, and the compound effect of whacking that tree every day will bring it down eventually.  If you do the Barely Awake Set every morning, you will engage the compound effect and may be able to work off some belly fat or tighten up those muscles.

What Exercises You Ask

The exercise must be one that has minimal to no risk of you getting hurt by doing them first thing in the morning without stretching and without being fully awake.  Any of these are pretty safe:

  • Sit Ups / Crunches
  • Push Ups
  • Air Squats
  • Planks
  • High Knees

How Many Reps?

You want to do enough repetitions of the exercise to make the blood start pumping.  You can perform the reps until you are out of breath or just can’t do any more.  You can even perform them to the point where you are getting the fatigue pain that will eventually set in to whatever muscle you are hitting. 

For example, if you are doing crunches, you will feel the cramping in your belly and eventually need to stop.  If you are doing push ups, your pectoral muscles will begin to hurt and start to fail.  The point here is that you want to push your barely awake body to it’s stress level to help you wake up.

The 5and2Guy Barely Awake Set

I started doing the Barely Awake Set over a year ago.  I don’t remember where I heard it but once I started, I haven’t missed a day.  I perform my Barely Awake Set in my bathroom as soon as I wake up.  Well, technically after I use the bathroom, I do my exercise.  I have done crunches, push ups, and air squats.  Currently, I perform 25 slow push ups on M/W/F/Su and 50 crunches on T/Th/Sa.  This morning I hit 465 straight days of the Barely Awake Set.  I perform this set every day, not just the 5and2 way.  Whether I am sick or on vacation, I still knock it out real quick!!! It only takes 30 seconds!!!

Final Thoughts

The Barely Awake Set can change your life.  It gives you that sense of accomplishment every morning, helps wake you up, and can help you get in better shape.  You MUST pick a safe exercise, where you won’t accidentally hurt yourself performing it before stretching and one that you can do while barely awake.  Each morning you perform this exercise, the exercise will become easier, and you can increase the repetitions.  If you are tired of doing the same exercise everyday, you can mix it up.  Maybe each month, you change the exercise, or you alternate between two exercises every day.  Either way, start using the Barely Awake Set to help change your life.  It will only take you about 30 seconds to do and anyone can spare 30 seconds to change their life!!!  Start tomorrow morning!!!

*** SERIOUS NOTE:  Please be careful with any exercise you choose.  Make sure it is safe to perform without stretching and when barely awake.  You don’t want to pull a muscle or fall asleep landing face first on the floor or a dresser.  Ouch!!!  Be careful!!!

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