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Do More Than Is Necessary!!!


When I am interviewing candidates for development opportunities with my business, I always ask the question, “Why would anyone ever do more than necessary?”  This elicits a number of responses including:

  • To be proud of your work.
  • To give the customer a little something extra.
  • To provide great service.

This question really makes you think.  Why would you do more than is necessary?  Why would you do more than you are paid to do?  When it comes to money, I believe these are the best responses:

  • To secure customer loyalty.
  • To hopefully get a bonus.
  • To get more opportunities.

Customer Loyalty

When you go above and beyond for a customer, they remember that.  When they are receiving more for their dollar than they expect, they are happy.  And a happy customer is a sticky customer.  And a sticky customer can become a loyal customer.  If you go above and beyond to provide a great service to a customer, they will stick with you even when you mess up.  They will remain loyal to you even when they may be offered a similar service at a lower price.  By securing customer loyalty, you are guaranteeing consistent revenue, which simply means more money in your pocket.

You may be thinking, “Well, I work for a company, so how is it more money in my pocket?”  If you work for a great company, and you work hard to establish customer loyalty, management will see or hear about it.  The customer will make sure they do.  If you are making an impact on the business and securing customers, that will often end in a raise, bonus, or even new opportunities.

Hopefully Get a Bonus

By doing more than you are paid to do or more than is necessary, it will inevitably put more money in your pocket.  As an owner of a business, when I see my employees or contractors going above and beyond, I remember it.  I remember them at raise and bonus time.  If you are working for a great company, you will be remembered during raise and bonus time too.

Please note here that it typically takes more than once or twice where you make a difference this way.  You can’t do more for one customer and then screw the other ones over.  You have to be consistent.  Though you can get bonuses and raises for individual wins, it is much more likely if you have multiple wins.  Go above and beyond for all of your customers and reap the benefits!!!

Get More Opportunities

When you go above and beyond, you tend to get more opportunities.  Opportunities could include a promotion, more business for the company, or more leadership opportunities.  When these types of things happen, something else happens too.  You guessed it…more money in your pocket.  I know there are cases where people get more responsibility and never get a bonus or raise, and I feel sorry for them.  But you are different.  By going above and beyond all the time and doing more than is necessary, you have character.  And that character will not let you work for that same company and not be rewarded.  It will want more, because you deserve more!!!

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, people will do more than is necessary for a number of reasons.  But when it comes to money, you have to put in the extra effort.  Perhaps you just naturally go above and beyond, and that is a great thing.  It won’t be so hard for you.  But if you typically just do the bare minimum, you will find you won’t get far unless you make some changes.  Even if you work for a crappy company that will not acknowledge what you have accomplished, record the accomplishments for yourself.  They are great to add to the resume and share with your future employer.

When you do more than is necessary, so many good things can come your way.  I rarely hear about people who do the bare minimum and actually getting ahead.  Invest in yourself and your character by doing more than is necessary…by doing more than you are paid to do.  People will see it.  You will be better because of it.  And the money will flow to you as a result!!!

Now Go Do More Than Is Necessary!!!

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