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Stop Eating Those Addictive Foods!!!


We all know that there are foods out there that are simply addicting or create feelings of addiction.  There are some general foods that always create those feelings and there are some foods or snacks that only affect some people.  Let’s talk about a few of these and see what we can do about them.

White Rice

I personally love a good white rice with a teriyaki sauce or with my chicken and broccoli from my local Chinese take out.  I simply can’t imagine eating Chinese food without rice.  And I love the extra sauce just to cover my rice.  But white rice is addictive and not good for you, so you have to substitute for it.

*** Replace white rice with brown rice for a healthier alternative.

White Potatoes

White potatoes are delicious and who doesn’t love the loaded baked potato?  You can put so many things in these potatoes that it has become a staple with just about any steak dinner.  Those delicious French Fries are also made with white potatoes.  I personally love McDonald’s fries with tons of salt.  That is another bad thing.  For me, white potatoes scream for some salt, which is not always what the doctor has ordered.  The many ways to flavor and compliment these white potatoes makes these guys addictive and you coming back for more.

*** Replace white potatoes with sweet potatoes for a healthier alternative.

White Bread

White bread is delicious.  You can butter it up, put cinnamon and sugar on it, cheese, you name it.  All ways to make it delicious.  For the first time in about 15 years, I had a white bagel with butter and a slice of cheese on it.  I thought I died and went to Heaven.  It tasted so good, and had me wanting more.  I didn’t even mention the French Toast and the syrup that dresses it up.  The point is that white bread can be prepared in so many delicious ways that it is addictive.  And the calories you gain from it can add the weight on quick.

*** Replace white bread with wheat bread for a healthier alternative.

Fried Foods

Mmmmm….fried chicken.  One of my favorites.  I just have a thing for the fried skin off of a chicken thigh.  I rip it off and run it through some barbecue sauce.  Delicious, but also not very good for you.  There is nothing healthy for you in what I just explained.  Fried foods are the devil and should be avoided as often as you can.  You can say the food is fried in a healthier oil, but that does not make it good for you.  It just makes it a little less bad for you.  From fried chicken, fried dumplings, to fried shrimp…stay clear of all fried foods if you can.

*** Replace the fried foods with the steamed, baked, or broiled alternative.

Addictive Snacks

Different people have different addictions to snacks.  This can be due to a chemical addiction or situational addiction.  Can you eat just one Pringle?  Can you eat just one of those little candy corns?  How about just one Oreo?  I think it’s impossible.  The manufacturers know that too.  I have shared with you in previous posts how I had a situational addiction to a big bowl of ice cream.  Maybe none of these snacks get you, but I am willing to bet some of them do or you have your own little addictions.  I’m not talking about healthy addictions like apples, bananas, or any other type of fruit.  I am talking about the unhealthy addictions to snacks that attack your heart, weight, and overall general health.

*** Replace those unhealthy snacks with fruits and nuts.


I know.  Soda is not technically a food but I felt like I had to mention it here.  Sodas will wreak havoc on your body and your sugar levels.  You can gain so much weight just from calories you consume while drinking sodas.  The good news is that you can also lose a bunch of weight if you substitute your soda addiction for a healthier alternative.  I have always heard that you should not drink your calories.  There are people who drink more calories in sodas a day than their daily recommended calorie intake for the day.  This has got to stop!!!

*** Replace sodas with water, tea, or coffee.

Final Thoughts

I am not saying that you should never have any of these foods again.  As the 5and2Guy I still have them occasionally.  But I only have them on weekends.  You know those two days that we can take a little break from our diets.  By not eating these foods or limiting them just to the weekend, you will naturally start to like the healthier alternatives better.  For example, I mentioned how I loved friend chicken.  Now I find that I actually prefer the baked chicken.  Every once in a while I have some fried chicken but typically find it too greasy.

If you replace these unhealthy, addictive foods with their healthier alternatives and stick with the 5and2Guy way, you will be well on your way to a healthier you.  Slight little changes in your diet can make a big difference, as long as you are consistent.  If you consume these foods, limit them to the weekends only, and limit the amount of them you eat.  Over time you will begin to not crave these foods any more.  You will look to enjoy the healthy alternatives.  You will find that when you do eat these foods, your stomach will feel a bit off.  You can feel that you are definitely off your healthier diet.  So stick to the healthier alternatives as much as you can!!!

Give it a shot!!!  Drop those unhealthy, addictive foods and start building a healthier, slimmer you!!!

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