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Fruits & Nuts for Smaller Butts


Hey 5and2 Guys and Gals!!!  What is one sure way to drop some extra weight and be healthier?  You guessed it…EAT HEALTHIER!!!  You can drastically change your life if you start to eat healthier foods.  I know this is a no-brainer but I said it anyway.  What I want to talk about is how can we start this new habit and lifestyle to move ourselves in the right direction.  Food Association is our first challenge!!!

Food Association

Have you ever sat down to watch a good movie and just needed some buttery popcorn?  Or how about watching the Super Bowl without pizza and wings?  Maybe it’s not a party without cheese and pepperoni?  Almost time for bed, do you have to have a snack?  All of these are food associations.  You know that feeling when you go to do something but it does not feel right unless you have that food or drink you are use to having.  We tend to form these associations, sometimes really bad ones, and then have a hard time letting them go when placed in situations that call for that food.  I should know.  I had one of the worse associations of all.  

Action Show and BABOIC!!!

My food association was tied to whenever I watched an action movie or show.  My wife would fall asleep around 10pm at night and I would have the TV to myself.  That is when I started watching TV with BABOICBABOIC is the name, and acronym, I gave to my favorite food association.  It is my Big Ass Bowl of Ice Cream.  Yes, I had to have a big bowl of ice cream whenever I had the TV to myself and found an action movie or show to watch.  I don’t know what started this association, but I was hooked.  And when I say a big bowl of ice cream, I am talking a quarter gallon of ice cream each bowl to the tune of about 900 to 1000 calories a night.  Mmmmm…chocolate peanut butter cup with whip cream on the top.  My mouth is watering as I type it.  This many calories, just about every night, is not a wise choice.

Break The Association

The biggest challenge is just to break the association.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  If you have an infrequent association like pizza and wings for the Super Bowl every year, then don’t sweat breaking that association.  I have that association and don’t plan to break it any time soon.  But the more unhealthy food associations that you engage in frequently needs to be changed as soon as you can.

I have written before about how I replaced the ice cream with weight controlled oatmeal.  I know it doesn’t sound like a good replacement, but it worked for me.  It took me two to three weeks to substitute this out and now I don’t even miss the ice cream.  It was hard at first, but I did it.  I was able to stick to the 5and2Guy way, and in just a few short weeks, my desire and association with ice cream faded away.  Now, I still have the occasional bowl of ice cream.  Maybe like one bowl every one to two months, but that’s all.  I broke the association and so can you!!!

How About Snack?

I have also associated bed time with a snack.  Ever since I was a kid, I have had snack before bed.  My mom would give my sister and I two cookies and a half cup of soda.  That was never enough, so I vowed as an adult, I would eat whatever unhealthy thing I wanted for snack.  Well, that established a bad habit, but I broke that one too!!!  Now, instead of an unhealthy snack before bed, I have an apple, pear, banana, or handful of mixed nuts.  The fruit tends to take care of my sweet tooth and the mixed nuts seems to fill my belly.  After I have my fruits and nuts, I am satiated and able to go to bed happy.

How Should You Start?

Pick one food association that you know is not helping you.  I am talking about one that is very frequent, like every day or every other day.  Substitute something healthy for that association.  For example, if you enjoy your ice cream like I use to, swap it out for fruits and nuts.  And feel free to eat as much of the fruits and nuts as you wish.  That would be much healthier than eating that bowl of ice cream.  Work on replacing this one bad food association before you try to break another one.  It will probably take two to three weeks to break the association.  You have to be persistent and not cheat.  Give up that food association the 5 work days of your week and enjoy yourself on the 2 weekend days.  You know..the 5and2Guy way!!!

Final Thoughts

Food associations affect everyone and we all have them.  The question is whether or not your food association is pushing you towards your goals or away from them.  If you have some unhealthy associations, start working on them now.  Replacing unhealthy foods with tasty, healthy alternatives is a lifestyle change and can catapult you towards your fitness and health goals.  Be consistent, break one food association at a time, and stick to the 5and2Guy way and your life will change!!!

Fruits & Nuts for Smaller Butts!!!

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